Insert data to a Sharepoint list retrived from an MS SQL database

Some month ago i had to insert numerous data basically stored in an MS SQL database into a Sharepoint list. Well, you can say here.. let’s have an enterprise licenced Sharepoint application and use Business Data Connection Service (in MOSS 2007) or BCS (in MOSS 2010) and the task can be closed.

Oh yes.. if you have lot of money that’s the correct and supported solution. But what if you have only a free Windows Sharepoint Services or Sharepoint Fundation? Well, Powershell gives a hand again 🙂

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Approve Sharepoint list item using Powershell

Updating a list item using Powershell is a very common task in the Sharepoint world. An article has been already written about how to create a PWS script which connect to a Sharepoint List and get’n’update the List items in it.

There is ModerationInformation.Status property for these items if the approve process is enabled on the list. You can change it as below:

$item.ModerationInformation.Status = "Approved"

Have fun 🙂

Modify Sharepoint list items remotely using Powershell

I had a post on how to connect to a Sharepoint list using Powershell and webservice. So here is the new post on how to manipulate the data remotely can be found in this list.

If you are using PowerShell v1 you need the Lists.dll in your hand, and in PowerShell v2 you need a new-webserviceproxy to have an instance (list object).

So I follow the Powershell v1 possibility. You need to import the lists.dll first

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How could an anonymous user start a Sharepoint workflow?

Advanced users for Sharepoint like creating workflows (WF). Sometimes they start to think that all the problems could be solved by implementing a WF. I’m talking on the Advanced users, those who do not want to open Visual Studio to create code based WFs. These peoples (like me) starts the Sharepoint Designer and make so many clicks to build up a Logic for a business case.

As we all know WFs can be triggered on a list item change, creation or manually. As sharepoint supports anonymous access to its sites an advanced user can think about WF solutions triggered by a new item creation by an anonymous user.

And after having implemeted the WF (s)he is dissappointed as the WF is not triggered. It’s intangible… a bug or feature? huh.. So let’s say this is a security feature from MOSS 2007 SP1.

Ok, what’s next?

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