Outlook, OCS, Lync user pictures import with PowerShell

The Outlook 2010 and the Lync 2010 has a fancy feature that shows the picture of the users, which stored in the Active Directory. The Exchange 2010 introduces the thumbnailPhoto attribute for the User objects that can contain the photo. There are multiple ways to import pictures into the AD; one of the easiest is the Import-RecipientDataProperty Exchange commandlet, but what can we do if we have not installed the Exchange 2010? There are several 3rd party applications available for picture uploading, but if I need to do something more than twice, I automate it. In this reason I chose a PowerShell script, which easily schedulable. In my previous article I wrote about the picture modification. That was the prerequisite of the user pictures that stored into the Active Directory. It is easy to import and export pictures with PowerShell.
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OCS 2007 R2 co-existing scenario with Asterisk 1.8 PBX

The Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) is able to provide for calls to and from the public switched telephone network (PSTN). There are many solutions existing with the telephony integration and one of them is the co-existing scenario. The co-existing scenario consists a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), and the OCS at the same time. It means that a user reachable on PBX phone or OCS or both of them.

I built my environment with Asterisk PBX which connects to the OCS system via Direct SIP. When the Microsoft Unified Communications arrived with Exchange UM, the problem was in the transport layer. The Asterisk used UDP, and the Microsoft used TCP for SIP. I needed a little trick to connect Exchange with Asterisk – converted SIP UDP to SIP TCP. Asterisk has supported TCP SIP since 1.6, so the problem no longer exists. The OCS also uses TCP SIP (and TLS of course). In my previous post you could read about the Asterisk PBX installation on Ubuntu Server, and I enabled the TCP SIP in the configuration file.

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