What services should be monitored in case of IIS?

Generally speaking monitoring process is very important in case of business critical applications.  A casual Sharepoint operation keeps on eye on the application’s services. Usually operation process has a look at the Sharepoint services. At some cases an IIS service failure is in the background when a Sharepoint service can not be reached or contacted. Usually operations forget about the IIS service monitoring. In case of a Sharepoint services can not be reached the operations team start the “debug” process at Sharepoint level then dig down to the IIS service level. It could be very annoying after spending one hour with log-analyzing it turns out that the root cause was an IIS service malfunction.

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Progress indication for a script block

In my previous post i showed you how to run a powershell script block in the background. While this block runs in the background it would be great to indicate that the background process is still running and the script is waiting for the background process to finish. Isn’t it frustrating you when you just look at a powershell window running a script without being sure that the script is not frozen?

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Sharepoint for Knowledge Management? – Practise people III

It’s time to continue the series on Knowledge management on Sharepoint… At my previous post on this topic i provide you my second tip on practising your people.

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Run powershell script using another account

In my last post i wrote about how to run a powershell script block in the background. It could happen that this script block should be run by another account. Such a case could be that we are running our Powershell script using an normal windows user account but the given script block which installs something intersting to the given machine needs administrator privileges to be successfull.

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Running Powershell script as a background job

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Create scheduled task by using Powershell

In the path i wrote about how to schedule a powershell script in Windows. This post is about how to create scheduled task programmatically. Two methods can be used depending on your Windows operating system. If you want to create a scheduled task under windows server 2003 then we should use the schtasks.exe tool. In case of Windows server 2008 or 2008 R2 we can use object model to get our goal. Continue reading “Create scheduled task by using Powershell”

Sharepoint for Knowledge Management? – Practise people II

In my previous post i gave you a Tip on How to make your people familiar in entering some information to a common basket using your Knowledge Management Platform.

And here you are my

2nd tip: Make people visit your site/platform every day

Just think a bit. Why do you visit your favourite portal more then once a day? – one reason could be that you can find up-to-date information there (eg. news portals).

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