How to customize list forms in SharePoint 2007

One of the very first limit you hit when you are customizing a SharePoint list is the NewForm, EditForm, DispForm aspx pages’ missing edit functionality. First you want to do it from the UI, without any success then you will probably find some methods on the Internet to customize these forms.
I decided to sum the methods you can use to get rid of some fields or make them read only, etc.

I created a custom list and added a few columns, now my vanilla New Item page looks like this:

New item default

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Approve Sharepoint list item using Powershell

Updating a list item using Powershell is a very common task in the Sharepoint world. An article has been already written about how to create a PWS script which connect to a Sharepoint List and get’n’update the List items in it.

There is ModerationInformation.Status property for these items if the approve process is enabled on the list. You can change it as below:

$item.ModerationInformation.Status = "Approved"

Have fun 🙂

Modify Sharepoint list items remotely using Powershell

I had a post on how to connect to a Sharepoint list using Powershell and webservice. So here is the new post on how to manipulate the data remotely can be found in this list.

If you are using PowerShell v1 you need the Lists.dll in your hand, and in PowerShell v2 you need a new-webserviceproxy to have an instance (list object).

So I follow the Powershell v1 possibility. You need to import the lists.dll first

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Connect Sharepoint remotely using Powershell

Usually working with Sharepoint list using Powershell (PWS) means you need to run a PWS script locally on the given sharepoint server or at least you have to install a “little”, playground Sharepoint (foundation or services) to be able to import the sharepoint dll at the begining of your script.

i’m just writing about this line: [System.reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“Microsoft.SharePoint”)

Ohh yeah. But as a little child i’m frustrated: I don’t want to install sharepoint just to import such a dll… i would like to do something else…
And here we go. Not so simple but i think it worths doing. Every cookbook starts with the sentence: have a saucepan.

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Sharepoint for Knowledge Management? – The Beginning

The whole question regarding to the Knowledge Managment is a very difficult one. As a normal end-user we could think that knowledge management (for a given company) means that employees share their thoughts and knowledge to each other using a platform, something like building up a common knowledge database /warehouse. This platform should provide some search functionality for the people to be able to look for the answers for their intrestings and issues.

And here comes the first difficulty. Could be an empty database named as a knowledge database? So we could think that all the employees can work for each other and understand the reasons for building up a collective “learning/knowledge warehouse”. Well we will be dissapointed if we think on that…

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Copy sharepoint list item using powershell script

Few days ago i wrote about the problem that How an anonymous user could start a workflow in sharepoint. The solution was to create and schedule a powershell script to update the list items in a given Sharepoint list using a real named account. So the workflow can be started in the name of this user. The WorkFlow is triggered by a modification.

But in that case we can have a problem if we don’t check wether if the item was already updated or not. And what if we don’t want anonymous users to have a look at each others items in the given list? (okay, okay i know let’s do an empty view and such workaround solution…) So a simple solution could be to copy these list items to another list.

As the copy is made by using a named account you can have a WorkFlow triggered by new item creation at the destionation list. So every workflow runs only once. You do not need to check anything during the workflow…

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How to configure the VMware vCenter Orchestrator 4.1

If you have to maintain a large VMware vSphere farm, sooner or later you will realize that the number of the requested Virtual Machines are constantly growing from day to day. And the worst thing is that these requests are usually come via mails or from your supervisor directly (“George from the Developers team needs a new server, could you please support him”). Wouldn’t be nice to automate (and control) these request with pre-defined workflows and a provide a web-based form for the VM ordering?

VMware offers the vCenter Lab Manager ( for scenarios like this, but the vCenter Orchestrator 4.1 ( provides even more. It gives you total freedom, you can create your own workflows and automate your daily tasks within your Cloud. It comes with the vCenter Server, so when you install vCenter, you install Orchestrator as well in the background.

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