Migrating an installed Win7 System to SSD

I have decided to upgrade my laptop with an SSD. I have many programs installed, for some of that I doesn’t have any installer or serial anymore and my system is working very well too. So I didn’t want to install it from scratch, just transfer it to the new SSD. In my article I will show you, how you can do it on the simplest way. Continue reading “Migrating an installed Win7 System to SSD”


How-to change the language in Windows 8

Change your UI language

If you want to change the language of your operating system follow these steps.

Windows 8 with German UI language
Windows 8 with German UI language

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Install IIS (or any feature) on Windows 8 with Powershell

IIS8 is available in the latest version of the MS client operating system. It is also available from the GUI as any other feature, open Programs And Features under Control Panel and click on Turn Windows features on or off on the left hand side. Select Internet Information Services and you are ready to go, but if you want to customize additional modules and features feel free, you don’t have to worry about the dependencies.

Install IIS on windows 8
Install IIS on windows 8

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Manage Windows Firewall with Powershell 3

Windows Firewall is the default built in solution for packet and connection filtering in the Windows OS families. With the introduction of the new PowerShell version, they shipped a couple of commands to effectively manage this component.

Windows firewall with advanced security
Windows firewall with advanced security

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How to start a program automatically in Windows 8

When I install a new software on my pc, very often it starts automatically next time, especially if the authors did not pay attention to offer the possibility to disable it. I find this quite irritating, why every software company thinks their software must be started on the machine automatically. So I like to keep an eye on what is starting up every time.

Sometimes it might be wished for to configure later a program to start up automatically, though. I would like to show a couple of methods to do this in Windows 8 for every user, or only for selected ones.

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Shutdown and Fast startup in Windows 8

Fast boot

You probably heard about fast Windows 8 boot times achieved by kernel session hibernation instead of full system shutdown and cold start with system initialization.

Great article can be found here with tons of useful information:


By default

Understand the difference between 2 types of start:

  • fast startup
  • full system shutdown followed by a cold boot

By default behind the Shutdown option, fast startup is configured, but behind Restart, your system is fully stopped and makes a cold boot.

  • Shutdown option: uses fast startup
  • Reboot: no fast startup, it means a full restart, every service, everything, always
Shutdown and restart on charm bar
Shutdown and restart on charm bar, shutdown uses fast startup, while restart means a full system stop and “cold start”

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How to start computer management in Windows 8

By default My Computer is missing from the desktop and the Start screen, so my favourite way to fire up Computer management was not available. I figured out a couple of ways to start it up though.

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