Sharepoint integrated reporting services with SQL Always on availability group

It happened once that i needed to provision a Sharepoint 2013 farm including MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS). I had some issues – maybe you found this post ‘cos of that – which i would also share and give a hint on the solution.

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Check OCS/Lync enabled AD user with PowerShell

The security is important; working for a huge company sometimes causes problems. You get less right, because of the security. If you a normal user, and you would like to check if one of the user enabled for OCS without Admin rights or Universal Server Administrator right. A normal domain user can check it, because the AD readable for all AD users.

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Filedialog and Powershell

Filedialog and Powershell

When I ask any input from a user in Powershell script most of the time I ask it in a parameter of the script body or just prompt for it during runtime. But with the underlying .NET Framework you can take advantage of the GUI, for example using a dialog panel. By using a dialog to specify a file you can be sure, that there is no spelling mistake in the path and you also provide a better user experience.

Open a file...
Open a file…

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Powershell – Send mail with attachment

That’s a simple one but good to have

$file = “MYFILE.TXT”
$msg = new-object Net.Mail.MailMessage
$att = new-object Net.Mail.Attachment($file)
$smtp = new-object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($smtpServer)

$msg.From = “FROMME@EMAIL.CO.UK”     #reply-to-address
$msg.Sender = “Csoma Ádám”                 #From field
$msg.To.Add(“TOME@EMAIL.CO.UK“)        #send-to part
$msg.Subject = “MY SUBJECT”


# To authentaicate at the mail server you need to use the next line

# $smtp.Credentials =[System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultCredentials




PowerShell – get data from xls

This is not a fairy tale at all 🙂 just think on the regional settings…

Issue: Get data from a cell

First of all for this exmample an excel application should be installed to the machine. So here are some lines to get the data from a sheet (A1 cell)

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Get the selected values from a multiselect field via PowerShell

Another quest in Sharepoint automatization is to get the selected values for a given multiselect field. We could start in the usual way as to get the given item from the list then check the field value.

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Powershell and the Applications and Services Logs

I would like to show how-to work with events under Applications and Services Logs using Powershell. For this, my examples use IIS Logging and tracing events. You can find out more in this article:

Sometimes I have to work with event logs under the Applications and Services Logs folder, which stores logfiles grouped by particular component of the system. By default it contains 4 categories with 4 logs:

  • Administrative
  • Operational
  • Analytic
  • Debug

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