Automatically and quickly replacing text in few files


In some cases it is necessary to replace text in some text files. Unfortunately this is a really inconvenient work because we need always copy the proper text to the clipboard then we need to switch the window then highlighting the old text part and then pasting the text from the clipboard. If we have only one text file where the text is need to be replaced then it is fine but if we have more text files then one that is a really annoying something.


Fortunately VBS language is able to help us. I know the VBS is a bit old school but sometimes we do not have opportunity having PowerShell. Of course it is possible installing PowerShell to Windows Server 2003 but like I said sometimes it is simple not allowed to do it. So VBS is the forever alternative.

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Feature Delegation in Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 by scripting


This article would like to show the possibilities of Feature Delegation that is part of the Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 that is available on Windows Server 2008 R2.

For those who has never heard about the IIS 8.5 I suggest that visit the following URL:

What is Feature Delegation?

Per definiton: „Use the Feature Delegation page to configure the delegation state of IIS Manager features for sites and applications on your web server. When you configure the delegation state of a feature from IIS Manager, you specify whether the feature’s related configuration section is locked or unlocked in the server-level configuration files (ApplicationHost.config and root Web.config) for IIS 8.5. When you lock a feature, configuration can only be read and written in the server-level configuration file for that feature. However, you can unlock a feature when you want configuration to be read and written in lower-level configuration files, such as a Web.config file in your site or application.”

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How-To create backups of running vApps in VMware vCloud version 5.1 and earlier

With vCloud version 5.5 the Director (web GUI) got a bunch of useful features. One of them is Cloning Running vApps: page 9 – 2.2.3 Clone vApp with Memory State

With older deployments of vCloud administrators still have to use the REST API to create these hot-clones. From the vCloud Director the only option to clone a vApp is to stop that first, which method is simply unacceptable in production environments.

When developing automated backups, or auto deploying vApps/networks the REST API-based scripts come handy even with newer versions.

Let’s take a look at the API through a few simple examples.

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Sharepoint integrated reporting services with SQL Always on availability group

It happened once that i needed to provision a Sharepoint 2013 farm including MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS). I had some issues – maybe you found this post ‘cos of that – which i would also share and give a hint on the solution.

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Custom snmpd extension for port checking

As weird as it sounds, recently I had a task to accomplish port checks without access to the LAN on which daemons listen for connections. Speaking of a monitoring solution, the obvious choice was SNMP, which is the most widespread means of getting health information from network-attached devices, anyway. We perform an “indirect” port check, meaning that it’s sufficient for us to know that a process is listening on a given port without trying to communicate with it. Continue reading “Custom snmpd extension for port checking”

Create Active Directory users with Powershell


In my test environments I always have to create a couple of users to be able to do performance or functionality tests. Powershell really helps me with this task and I just want to archive this for later.

In the next few paragraphs I show you my method to create hundreds of test users on Windows Server 2012 with Powershell.

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How to turn the GUI on and off on Windows Server 2012

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