Samba4 on Freebsd


As beta4  is out from samba4 I think it’s time to test the upcoming version of the open source samba server. With Samba4 you will have the option to run it as a DC, allowing you a centralized login in your office. We had some of those features in samba3 but with samba4 you will be able to deploy GPO s within you organization. With this you will be able to customize windows clients as you had done it with Windows DCs for years. Also there is a LDAP server integrated which is also a new feature and you can forgo to make LDAP server by hand. Also there are new python programs to help you administrate the organization. Also you can easily manage vpn access with radius from RSAT.

In this article I will show you the samba4 server on a FreeBSD9 machine.

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