Small linux anatomy – installing Arch Linux


“Unix is user-friendly. It just isn’t promiscuous about which users it’s friendly with.”


  1. Linux is the gpl licenced kernel.
  2. Arch Linux is the name of the distribution which is built around the linux kernel, forming an operating system (kernel + userland).
  3. None of them are Unix, but unix like. 😉

According to the quotation above: Arch Linux isn’t promiscuous about which users it’s friendly with. It seems friendly if can be understood what’s happening for what and what should be done for what.


Arch is very pure and simple rolling release distro.

Since install media 2012.07.15 menu based installer is no longer available. Some scripts help to install Arch Linux to the target machine. Most of the configuration have to be done by hand.

Initial config

A small x86-64 virtual machine was created with 384M RAM and 8G of HDD.

Install steps in print screens

Booting install media

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