Basic gateway to gateway VPN tutorial: Part 2 – “Cisco RV042”

In this Article i will guide you through a Gateway to Gateway VPN Tunnel configuration using two Cisco RV042. Our goal is just like in the first part of the article, to create an sql DB link between two MS SQL DB server.

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Basic gateway to gateway VPN tutorial: Part 1 – “TheGreenBow”

In these two articles i will show you two examples, how to connect two computers like two DB servers for example, securely through the internet, with the use of the VPN tunel technology.

I will use two Windows 2008 R2 Servers with a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 installed on each of them. The Servers are installed with a dedicated NIC for this task. I will concentrate on configuring the VPN Tunnel, and only mention some general info about routing, firewall, or DB link configurations needed.

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Migrating an installed Win7 System to SSD

I have decided to upgrade my laptop with an SSD. I have many programs installed, for some of that I doesn’t have any installer or serial anymore and my system is working very well too. So I didn’t want to install it from scratch, just transfer it to the new SSD. In my article I will show you, how you can do it on the simplest way. Continue reading “Migrating an installed Win7 System to SSD”

Script your life

Nowadays 89% of People use smartphones. That is phones, which are said to be smart. Because, what makes a silicium and plastic compound smart? The general image is, that you can surf the net with it, although this is only new for the teens of today. Already, in 1999 the wap had a fairly acceptable price…you just have to wait till a WRML page is downloaded :). So, we can reach the world wide web with it, has a GPS receiver, you can take pictures with it, moreover having only one lens to do so is considered embarrassing. There are even apps for it. So, if we take a step back and examine it, we can see that it is a device that has 10+1 ways to connect us to groups, information clusters and the only smart function it has is to notify us when there is something new.
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Debian Squeeze Recipe + LDAP + Mail Relay

A lot of provisions done by me need to be automated, since each install process can take 2 hours to get every single step done according to standards. I could set up scripts to do enviroment settings or to do install and configurations, but to be honest, that is not really elegant, and the question remains, how would the scripts be copied/mounted to the servers, and what process would start them.
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Redmine install with Passenger module and LDAP auth on Debian squeeze


I was setting up redmine for some project management monitoring for on of my colleges, and found that LDAP auth is a little under documented. I spent 2 days trouble shoouting until i got it working as desired.

Most of the install steps are used from redmines howto, with some additional points from my side. Also some error messages that I encountered have been solved in previous posts of mine.

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Home-office – anywhere

OS in a pocket

This article will not contain any highly sophisticated scripts, tricks or whatever like that. But I decided to write it because I was in hard situation sometimes due to absence of my home PC or powerful laptop. There was a PC at the place where I was at the moment but I wasn’t able to log on, there was no necessary software installed, etc. So I wasn’t able to help my colleagues, friends or whoever.

I had problems even at home¬†with an old laptop (Celeron 1.3 GHz; 512MB RAM – really old) which is used sometimes by my wife who don’t ¬†want to change the operating system on that to something else than the good old XP. So I decided to deploy my own operating system working almost everywhere, and fitting in my pocket. Continue reading “Home-office – anywhere”