Apache Ofbiz unexpected operator error

I was playing around with apache ofbiz to get some relevant information regarding ERP systems, and when using the stock startup script found in the root directory (“rc.ofbiz.for.debian”) I was getting following error:

root@apache:/# /usr/local/ofbiz/rc.ofbiz.for.debian status
[: 148: unexpected operator
OFBiz is running

A little investigation and problem was referring to wrong interpreter. So change the interpreter from:




And have fun.


How to install OpenERP on FreeBSD

OpenERP is an opensource AGPL licensed enterprise resource planning software for small and medium size businesses.

Structural parts of the OpenERP system

  • PostgreSQL as backend database
  • OpenERP server to form the business logic (python based)
  • OpenERP clioent. Web and desktop GUI are available (python based and GTK based)

As host operating system Windows, Linux or alternative Unix like systems like FreeBSD are appropriate .

Infrastructure background

One of my servers was upgraded to FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE from RC a few weeks ago. Feature set in this configuration: