Automatically and quickly replacing text in few files


In some cases it is necessary to replace text in some text files. Unfortunately this is a really inconvenient work because we need always copy the proper text to the clipboard then we need to switch the window then highlighting the old text part and then pasting the text from the clipboard. If we have only one text file where the text is need to be replaced then it is fine but if we have more text files then one that is a really annoying something.


Fortunately VBS language is able to help us. I know the VBS is a bit old school but sometimes we do not have opportunity having PowerShell. Of course it is possible installing PowerShell to Windows Server 2003 but like I said sometimes it is simple not allowed to do it. So VBS is the forever alternative.

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Feature Delegation in Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 by scripting


This article would like to show the possibilities of Feature Delegation that is part of the Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 that is available on Windows Server 2008 R2.

For those who has never heard about the IIS 8.5 I suggest that visit the following URL:

What is Feature Delegation?

Per definiton: „Use the Feature Delegation page to configure the delegation state of IIS Manager features for sites and applications on your web server. When you configure the delegation state of a feature from IIS Manager, you specify whether the feature’s related configuration section is locked or unlocked in the server-level configuration files (ApplicationHost.config and root Web.config) for IIS 8.5. When you lock a feature, configuration can only be read and written in the server-level configuration file for that feature. However, you can unlock a feature when you want configuration to be read and written in lower-level configuration files, such as a Web.config file in your site or application.”

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Annoying apostrophe issue in Powershell

Of course it is not annoying if someone can accept this escape character and as matter as the fact it is bit better that the divide sign (/) but even I say I am always suffering about this.

Let’s see what I am talking about:

$var = Get-ChildItem -Name C:\

foreach ($work in $var) {Write-Host “<a href=”http://site/list/$work”>$work</a>&#8221;}

The result is not exactly what I really waited. It is not working because of the quotation mark around the http:// tag.

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Connect with Visual Web Developer 2010 to a WebDAV share

If you are a developer you probably use developer tool. If you are working in Windows environment it probably means that you are using IIS 7.0 or 7.5. In this case WebDAV is a pretty good solution if you want to access your developer folder directly from your computer. Exclude in that case if you are workink directly on that  machine which runs the IIS.

Visual Web Developer 2010 is a tool which has been developed by Microsoft. Combining this tool with a WebDAV share might cause a pretty good experience and this is the reason why I want to share my oppinion with you.

First of all let’s see what we should do before we start:

1. In the Server Manager check in the Role section under IIS whether the WebDAV role is installed. If it isn’t then tick off and istall it.

Install WebDAV Publishing

2. After the installation WebDAV will be found among the modules. It is available on server level and it is available on site level as well.

WebDAV in IIS Manager

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Your page is not appearing after a site is created with new hostname

I had a problem when I created a website in IIS.

I host two more sites on this IIS on port 80 so I added a new and uniqe host header name to my new site. It was simple: teszt

After the creation I was not able to see the content that was upload into the proper folder.

I checked it in the browser but there was the same again. I assumed that DNS must caused the problem. I registered the name: teszt with the IP address of the provider server (

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Enable Anonymous access for a SharePoint 2010 Site

If you want to publish your site that created by Sharepoint 2010 it is a good solution to allow anonymous access to it.

Let me show how I am doing: (later on I will attach figures too)

1. Open the Central Administration page and Application Management

2. Choose the Manage Web Application

3. Highlight your portal and select the Web Application tab on the ribbon above

4. Choose the Authentication Providers icon

5. On the pop-up window click the Default value

6. At the Anonymous Access option enable the anonymous access and press ok

7. On the ribbon above choose the Anonymous Policy (be sure whether your selection is still active)

8. Be sure that in All Zone the AnonymousUser Policy set to None – No Policy (Save It.)

9. Open your site and choose the Site Settings then choose the Site Permissions

10. Under the Permission Tools choose Anonymous Access icon

11. Check that Anonymous User Can Access: Entire Web Site radio button is selected (if do so, click ok)

12. Check whether you can see the anonymous user as permitted user to the site.

That’s all!

Installation of the Streaming Media Services on Server 2008 R2

Windows Media Services (as install pack) is not inculed in Windows Server 2008 R2. If you want to install first you have to download an .msu file.

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