Mystery at Sharepoint Land

Although my site did not contain so much information and data Sharepoint told me that i reached the Storage Quota limit had been given to the site ->

Your changes could not be saved because this SharePoint Web site has exceeded the storage quota limit. You must save your work to another location.  Contact your administrator to change the quota limits for the Web site.

Of course the first step was to go to the “Recycle bin” to empty it. But after this procedure  i got the same error. Ohh yes, the secondary Recycle bin for the Site collection – with Site admin right i was able to delet all the contects of that bin also.

But still got this rude error message. What’s up here?

Let’s have a look at the storage spcae allocation section at the Site settings.  It told me that no remaining space all the space is used.. argh.. Then i had a little light -> What about workflows? At this part of Sharepoint Land (Storage Spcae allocation part) i checked the space allocation of the lists. Then got the clue -> Workflow history has more the 40 thousands of records.. argh. How could i empty this list? Where is it?

Workflow history list is a hidden one -> are you suprised – i don’t thnik you are 🙂 well to get to this list you need just got to …../Lists/Workflow%20History/ (type as an URL such like: http://sharepointportal/sites/test/Lists/Workflow%20History/ ) and voila we got the list and able to delete all the records from it.

oh yes these items are going to the Recycle bin after then to the secondary Recycle bin -> you have to empty them as well to get the unallocated space back for your site 🙂

SeeYou next time 🙂


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