Configuring vSwitch ports

When people use standard vSwitches in vSphere it is always a problem, at least for me how

to configure switch security policies like promiscuous mode, or mac address changes just

for a few ports where these required. Using the standard vSwitch I always created a new

portgroup just for the few VMs which require special policies, but this is not the best

way, and really not a perfect solution.

If people change to use distributed vSwitches, and yes, if people has money for such

license this prblem could be solved much easier.

By default with a distributed vSwitch the same settings are defined at the portgroup

level, and the settings are inherited by all the ports. But this can be overridden if

required. To do so at first the override of the security settings at port level must be

enabled in the portgroup advanced settings tab.


After this, the inherited port settings can be changed.


Now, we have a port with custom port security policy. 🙂


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