Mystery of ODBCAD32.exe

I would like to install the vSphere Update Manager on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. The R2 is 64bit OS, but the Update manager needs a 32 bit version of ODBCAD. The vCenter Server located on the same machine, and I have already configured both ODBC DSN.


The vumdsn appears in the ODBC Data Source Administrator, but it missing from the Update Manager drop down list.


I investigate this problem. I used the search field of the Windows Server. First I typed the ODBC, and opened the Data Sources.


When I realized that I need the odbcad32.exe instead Data Sources, I typed the full name. It opened the same window.


After that I checked the Properties of this program, and I realized that this program is not located in the right folder. It located into the c:\Windows\System32, instead of the c:\Windows\SySWOW64 directory.


I need to browse the directory to open the right version.


After that the DSN appeared during the install.

That’s ALL!


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