Check OCS/Lync enabled AD user with PowerShell

The security is important; working for a huge company sometimes causes problems. You get less right, because of the security. If you a normal user, and you would like to check if one of the user enabled for OCS without Admin rights or Universal Server Administrator right. A normal domain user can check it, because the AD readable for all AD users.

Here is my script, all line commented.

#set the argument

#Usage: ./Check_if_OCS_enabled.ps1 <User Identity>

Param (




#PowerShell AD module needed

Import-Module ActiveDirectory


#get OCS SIP URI of the user

$a = get-aduser -filter { ObjectClass -eq "user" -and SamAccountName -eq $Identity } -property msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress


#if the SIP URI empty, the user not enabled for OCS

If ($a."msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress" -ne $null)

{Write-Host "Enabled for OCS"}


{Write-Host "Not enabled for OCS"}

That’s ALL


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