Distributed Cache – some hint – Sharepoint 2013


The Distributed Cache services memory allocation is going to default to a value of 10% of the total physical memory when you install SharePoint Server 2013. Of course that could be changed later.
If Distributed Cache service runs on more servers in the farm it’s automatically organized to a cache-cluster. The amount of the memory of the Cahce cluster is the amount of the cache hosts’ memory allocation alltogether.

We can use the cache mode in two ways:

  1. Collocated mode – the service operations along with other services on the application server.
  2. Dedicated mode – the service operates alone so it is stopped on the application server.  This is the most common mode used.

In dedicated mode “only”  max 16 GB can be allocated for a single cache host. It is recommended that you reserve 2 GB of memory for any other services that happen to be running on the server.

By manual installation the next should be installed as well: the CacheAdmin, CacheClient features, and CachingService.




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