Connect with Visual Web Developer 2010 to a WebDAV share

If you are a developer you probably use developer tool. If you are working in Windows environment it probably means that you are using IIS 7.0 or 7.5. In this case WebDAV is a pretty good solution if you want to access your developer folder directly from your computer. Exclude in that case if you are workink directly on that  machine which runs the IIS.

Visual Web Developer 2010 is a tool which has been developed by Microsoft. Combining this tool with a WebDAV share might cause a pretty good experience and this is the reason why I want to share my oppinion with you.

First of all let’s see what we should do before we start:

1. In the Server Manager check in the Role section under IIS whether the WebDAV role is installed. If it isn’t then tick off and istall it.

Install WebDAV Publishing

2. After the installation WebDAV will be found among the modules. It is available on server level and it is available on site level as well.

WebDAV in IIS Manager

3. Be careful. WebDAV is disabled by default. Enable it.

WebDAV disabled by default

4. Define rule regarding to your needs. Allow acces to all content or specify if you want. Allow access for all users or specify if you need and don’t forget to give them the proper permission.

Configure WebDAV in IIS Manager

5. Authentication is really important. Without it you cannot map your WebDAV share. (Under it will be discussed.) If the Windows Auth. is not installed you are allowed to do it. In the Server Manager under IIS it is available.

Take care about Authentication

Windows Auth is disabled by default

6. The next steps are going to show how can be a network drive to be mapped on Windows. Open the Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and check the computer link on the right side. One single click on it and you are going to find the Map network drive option.

Map it!

7. If you are not familiar how should you map a network drive on Windows just follow the steps:

Map the shared folder in Windows


8. Finally if you downloaded and installed properly the Visual Web Develpoer 2010 Express choose File menu and open your file from the mapped drive.

Visual Web Developer

Have fun!


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