Your page is not appearing after a site is created with new hostname

I had a problem when I created a website in IIS.

I host two more sites on this IIS on port 80 so I added a new and uniqe host header name to my new site. It was simple: teszt

After the creation I was not able to see the content that was upload into the proper folder.

I checked it in the browser but there was the same again. I assumed that DNS must caused the problem. I registered the name: teszt with the IP address of the provider server (

In the command promt I entered the following command ipconfig /flushdns and the nslookup teszt to be sure that the dns can resolve the name.

It was successful but the page did not work.

Suddenly I thought I tag the DNS  suffix onto the name: teszt

Such like this:

And because it worked I assumed that the operating system does not do it automatically thus I checked it out under the TCP/IP Settings and I faced the problem.

I cheked it again with: ipconfig

I entered the right DNS suffix which was the and now I can use the http://teszt form to reach my content on that computer.

I cheked it again with ipconfig

and I stated that everything is all right.

That’s all.


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