Custom view for a sharepoint survey

Usually we use surveys to get responses from people then we would like to do something with these data. eg. people apply for something and we would like to now who applied to the category1 or category2.

In that case as an advanced user we navigate to the survey views (with enough permission of corse) and would like to select the create new view option. But there is no such an option… what could we do in that situation?

First of all, don’t panic, we have powershell… and as you know powershell makes us incredible efficient. But in that case we don’t have to cretae any script at all 🙂 So we have the GUI ->

We nee only the GUID of the survey list. To get that data just navigate to the settings of the survey list and find the number (it’s format likes:  List=%7BF2141E9F%2D8EA2%2D42EE%2DA965%2D52F1D7362066%7D )

We need to change the URL to the next to create new view: http://SiteName:PortNo/_layouts/ViewType.aspx?List=%7BF2141E9F%2D8EA2%2D42EE%2DA965%2D52F1D7362066%7D
then here we go. Just remember to change the style to Basic Table. Afterwards we will be able to export the data to excel and create pivot tables as well 🙂 hurray.


And how to edit a view for a survey? – Well let0’s go to the create view page as mentioned above. Select the view Template. When the new form is up and you are allowed to set a new view just change the URL part to the next:

from: _layouts/ViewNew.asox/    to: _layouts/ViewEdit.aspx

In that way your are allowed to delet this custom view as well 🙂


Happy Sharepoint!


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