Get paragraphs from a Word document via Powershell

Handling a Word document  (doc) could be a diffcult task for an automatization project. As you know i like using Powershell for automatization tasks so i decided to get a solution for the “get the sentences” from a document.

Of course we need a word application to be installed to the machine. So the first step is to open the doc:

$wd = New-Object -com word.application
$docu = $wd.Documents.Open(“d:\example.doc”)

If we would like the application to be visible we can use the visible property for this purpose: $wd.visible = $true  By default this property has the value: $false

And here we are. Let’s get all the characters from the doc:


It has no structure at the moment. If we would like to handle the sentences in a structured way we can use:

$docu.Range().paragraphs | foreach {$_.range.text}

If there is a DropDown list in the document we can get the selected value for that in the next way:


If we want to save the docu just use the save method:

Closing the document without saving that: $docu.close($false)

And of course close the application then: $wd.quit()


i hope i could give a little help.




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