How to start computer management in Windows 8

By default My Computer is missing from the desktop and the Start screen, so my favourite way to fire up Computer management was not available. I figured out a couple of ways to start it up though.

Computer management

The right-click-trick

Move your mouse to the lower left corner on the desktop or on the Start screen, where the small start screen or desktop shows up and just click with your right mouse button. A very handy menu pops up and along with other useful things you will find the link to computer management.

Left corner right click

From the start screen

On the start screen move to the lower right corner to bring up the charm bar and click on settings.

Windows 8 charm bar

On the settings bar click on Tiles.

Tiles settings

Set the Show administrative tools option to Yes.

Show administrative tools

With other useful things you will find computer management icon on the Start screen and you can relocate it anywhere you want.

Administrative tools on start screen

With Run

On the desktop press Windows key + R, then type compmgmt.msc and press enter.

Run computer management

You can easily create an icon ont the desktop if you wish.

With My Computer

First step is to put the Computer icon to the desktop. Right click on the desktop and select personalize.

Bring up personalize

On the personalization screen click Change desktop icons.

Change desktop icon

Select Computer

Computer icon on desktop

Now you have a Computer icon on your desktop and the usual right click brings up the menu you familiar with.

Computer righ click

With Start screen search

The start screen search is designated to be able to start almost everything from there. Unfortunately it cannot find computer management. Press windows button and start typing. Results will pop up and you can choose between Apps, Settings or files.



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