What services should be monitored in case of IIS?

Generally speaking monitoring process is very important in case of business critical applications.  A casual Sharepoint operation keeps on eye on the application’s services. Usually operation process has a look at the Sharepoint services. At some cases an IIS service failure is in the background when a Sharepoint service can not be reached or contacted. Usually operations forget about the IIS service monitoring. In case of a Sharepoint services can not be reached the operations team start the “debug” process at Sharepoint level then dig down to the IIS service level. It could be very annoying after spending one hour with log-analyzing it turns out that the root cause was an IIS service malfunction.

So next i would like to list some important IIS related service should be monitored by a Sharepoint team as well.

  • Windows Process Activation Service
    “This services manages the activation and lifetime of the worker processes that contain applications that host Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services. The WAS process model generalizes the IIS process model for the HTTP server by removing the dependency on HTTP. This allows WCF services to use both HTTP and non-HTTP protocols, such as Net.TCP, in a hosting environment that supports message-based activation and offers the ability to host a large number of applications on a given machine.”

In case of this service we should have a monitoring on the Event log entry with

ID 5144 (Error, Microsoft-Windows WAS): WAS is not able to enable application pool.

ID 5002 (Error, Microsoft-Windows WAS): Application pool is being automatically disabled

ID 5059 (Error, Microsoft-Windows WAS): WAS encountered a failure when it started a worker process to save the application pool. The application pool has been disabled.

ID 5117 (Warning, Microsoft-Windows WAS): A worker process serving application pool  has requested a recycle because it reached its private bytes memory limit.

ID 5077 (Warning, Microsoft-Windows WAS): A worker process serving application pool has requested a recycle because it reached its virtual memory limit.

ID 5009 (Warning, Microsoft-Windows WAS): A process serving application pool terminated unexpectedly.

  • Application Host Helper Service
    The Application Host Helper Service in IIS 7.0 hosts IIS functionality that is needed even if IIS is not running.
    This service currently hosts the following functionality:

Configuration history
Application Pool account mapping

    The Internet Information Services (IIS) IISAdmin service hosts the IIS 6.0 configuration compatibility component (metabase). The metabase is required to run IIS 6.0 administrative scripts, SMTP, and FTP.
  • World Wide Web Publishing Service
    The Internet Information Services (IIS) World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC), sometimes referred to as the WWW Service, manages the HTTP protocol and HTTP performance counters.

So please have a look at these services as well when you are planning a real Sharepoint monitoring.

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