Add multiple templates to a document library in SharePoint 2010

A freshly created document library – by default – comes with one template but sometimes it is useful to have multiple templates, like these.

Multiple templates

Edit a simple template

A simple template can be edited under the Library Settings > Advanced Settings, in the Document template section.

Edit a template

Sometimes uploading a template is wished for and the easiest way is to open the library with Explorer from the library tools ribbon.

Open library with Explorer

Browse to the Forms folder and upload a document.

Copy a template

Finally, don’t forget to replace the URL among the Library Settings > Advanced Settings, in the Document template section.

Modify template URL

So comes the idea, uploading multiple files into the Forms folder and it gives me multiple templates under the new document drop-down. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Multiple templates

Use content types for this!

Go to Site Actions > Site Settings and under the Galleries section choose Site content types.

Create a new content type with document as parent.

New content type

Go to the content type’s advanced settings page and in the document template section upload a new template.

Now browse to the Site content types gallery page again and create another content type with a different name.

In the advanced settings upload another document.

Content type template

You can continue and create as many content types with one template each as many you need for your library.

To make these available to your document libraries, first allow the management of content types in the Document library settings > Advanced settings > Content types section.

Allow content types

Please note, this disables the Document templates sectino, because it will come from the content type.

Now on the document library settings page in the new section called Content types, click on the Add from existing site content types.

Add existing content types

On the select content types dialog page select and add all the content types – with their very own template – you want.

If you want you can get rid of the Document content type by clicking on its name and select Delet this content type.

To customize the templates appearance on the New button, click on the Change new button order and default content type link on the Document library settings page. Change their order, enable or disable them on the New drop-down menu then save your changes by clicking OK.

Content type order

To test the solution simply click on the New document arrow on the Documents tab, you should see the templates of your content types.

Multiple templates

With the use of content types you can also use the very same templates with other document libraries – just add the same content types to other libraries – and also centrally manage them among the Site content types.


4 thoughts on “Add multiple templates to a document library in SharePoint 2010”

    1. Only one template per content type.
      You can also upload multiple files using the Explorer view and reference them in links, but this is more of a hack…

  1. This worked great. But I am facing a problem. When I try to save the template it tries to save it to the library previous opened, not the one I’m currently in. In essence, it doesn’t know to save it based on the current location. How do I preset there the template is to be stored?

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