Recommended MS SQL 2008 features for Sharepoint 2007

Recently I have had to install a MS SQL 2008 Server and I thought that I am share the information with you regarding installation steps and I had to keep in my mind that this instance will serve a Sharepoint Server 2007. I did not install all of the features however I put here all of the possibles. I hope this might be a good readin before you start install MS SQL 2008.

First of all lets check the available possibilities.

In the SQL Server 2008 Setup window at Feature Selection point can we found the available functions.

Under Instance Features: (Server features are instance-aware and have their own registry hives. They support multiple instances on a computer.)

Database Engine Services (Include the Database Engine, the core service for storing, processing and securing data. The Database Engine provides controlled access and rapid transaction processing and also provides rich support for sustaining high availability.)

Two more additional sub-services are available under this section:

SQL Server Replication (Includes a set of replication objects for copying data and database objects from one database to one or more other databases.)

Full-Text Search (Includes the Full-Text Search engine, for fast text search on content stored in SQL Server.)

Continue the main trunk:

Anyalysis Services (Includes Analysis Services and tools used to support online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining.)

Reporting Services (Includes Reporting Services, a server-based application for creating, managing, and delivering reports in paper-oriented and interactive Web-based formats. Reporting Services cannot be clustered.)

Under Shared Features: (Shared features are used by all SQL Server instances on a computer. They are installed only once per computer.)

Business Intelligence Development Studio (Includes management and development tools:  Business Intelligence Development Studio.)

Client Tools Connectivity (Includes components for communication between clients and servers.)

Integration Services (Includes the designer, runtime, and utilities that enable Integration Services to move, integrate, and transform data between data stores.)

Client Tools Backwards Compatibility (Client Tools Backwards Compatibility)

Client Tools SDK (Includes the software development kit containing resources for programmers.)

SQL Server Books Online (Includes Books Online documentation for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Mobile.)

Management Tools – Basic (Includes Management Studio support for the Database Engine and SQL Server Express, SQL Server command-line utility (SQLCMD), and the SQL Server PowerShell provider.)

Under this section one sub-function is available:

Management Tools – Complete (Adds the following components to the basic management tools installation: Management Studio support for Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and Integration Services technologies, SQL Server Profiler, and Database Tuning Advisor.)

Continue the main trunk:

SQL Client Connectivity SDK (SQL Client Connectivity SDK)

Microsoft Sync Framework (Includes Microsoft Sync Framework, a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline for applications, services and devices.)

Third and the last group is the Redistributable Features

(You can check the name of the services below the picture)


All right. And now we are going to choose the necessary features:

Database Engine

  • This feature is a core MS SQL component so if someone want to use the product as a database server than it has to be installed.

Full-Text Search

  • The full-text search allows you to create special indexes for SQL Server character-based data. These special indexes, called full-text indexes, support linguistic and proximity searches on several languages. By using full-text indexes, you can search by words, phrases, words in close proximity to each other, and by inflexional forms of verbs and nouns.

Client Tools Connectivity

  • If you want to adjust your database server this feature will enable you to get tools for it. It is really useful.

Management Tools – Complete

  • Useful plugins for the database engine.

To finish the installation please look at the pictures below (it is not must to do this way but this is also a way):

(Service Accounts related screenshot)


(Database Engine related screenshot)


(Instance configuration related screenshot)



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