Application Virtualization Error

Today when I tested a freshly made App-V package (Office 2003), I got an interesting error after I tried to run it on client side.

“The Application Virtualization Client could not launch <application name>.

There is not enough space in the Application Virtualization cache. Report the following error code to your System Administrator.

Error code: 4615186-16D1160A-0000E029”

First I didn’t understand why I got the message, because I’ve already tested many different virtualized applications without any error.

Okay, I got it, I need to increase the cache size somehow. I remembered when I installed the client there was a step in connection with the cache size, but I wasn’t sure that I changed or left the default value. So I opened the App-V client mmc console, and from the “Action” menu I clicked on the “Properties”. A new window appeared and on the “File Systems” tab I found what I was looking for. The package, what I wanted to open the first time, was around 400 MB with the all components. The reserved cache size was more than 1100 MB and the maximum was only 1400 MB, so I raised it to 6 GB just in case :).

After that I could successfully loaded all the virtualized Office 2003 components.


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