Hide the quick launch on a SharePoint page – Part 2

As I promised in my last post, now I will show you how to hide the quick launch via SharePoint Designer. First of all open the site collection in the tool. On the left side, at the folder list expand the _catalogs and the masterpage folder as well. From the masterpage folder open the default.master file. You need to see something like this:

If you remember my last post, we used different classes to hide the quick launch. Now, we almost will do the same.

When I hid with jQuery or CSS, I used the ms-navframe class. How to find it? Please check the part 1 article. So in the code section search this phrase (Ctrl + F). You will find it in the following row:

<TABLE height="100%" class=ms-navframe CELLPADDING=0 CELLSPACING=0 border="0">

So our task is the same like before. We should hide it somehow. If you put the cursor before the “class” and push a space, you get a list:

You have nothing else to do just do it in a row:

Yes, It’s the good old style=”display:none” formula what can be familiar from the first post. So the whole line will be the next:

<TABLE height="100%"  style="display:none"  style=""class=ms-navframe

After that save the master page. Maybe you will get a message which will warn that the default master will change but It’s okay, because that was our goal. One thing remained, let’s check the default page of our site in a browser.

It seems to be quite good. I hope I could help.


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