Outlook, OCS, Lync user pictures import with PowerShell

The Outlook 2010 and the Lync 2010 has a fancy feature that shows the picture of the users, which stored in the Active Directory. The Exchange 2010 introduces the thumbnailPhoto attribute for the User objects that can contain the photo. There are multiple ways to import pictures into the AD; one of the easiest is the Import-RecipientDataProperty Exchange commandlet, but what can we do if we have not installed the Exchange 2010? There are several 3rd party applications available for picture uploading, but if I need to do something more than twice, I automate it. In this reason I chose a PowerShell script, which easily schedulable. In my previous article I wrote about the picture modification. That was the prerequisite of the user pictures that stored into the Active Directory. It is easy to import and export pictures with PowerShell.

There are only two lines needs to import a photo.

  $photo = [byte[]](Get-Content $userPhotoLocation -Encoding byte) $a = Set-ADUser $userSamAccountName -Replace @{thumbnailPhoto=$photo} 

Sometimes needs to download all photos. The following script part downloads all user photos, which user name begins with ‘user’.

  $adusers = Get-ADUser -filter 'Name -like "user*"' For ($i = 0; $i -lt $adusers.count; $i++){ $destination = "c:\tmp\export_" + $adusers[$i].SamAccountName + ".jpg" Write-Host $destination $user = Get-ADUser $adusers[$i] -Properties thumbnailphoto $user.thumbnailphoto | Set-Content $destination -Encoding byte 

You can use the Get-ADUser command, if you import the ActiveDirectory modul into the powershell.


One thought on “Outlook, OCS, Lync user pictures import with PowerShell”

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