Sharepoint for Knowledge Management? – Practise people IV

For these days we have a platform where people can read interesting stories and business like articles, can vote and take part in surveys, can have a look at basic information regarding to the evryday life at your company and can set email alerts/rss feeds for themselves.

What is still missing now? – Let employees express their opinion on those writings and information.

4th tip: Information rating

It’s also necessarry to add a rate ability to your platform. People like telling their opinion. In case of wiki pages and documents and other information it’s very important that people can show what the relevancy level is of that or how they like this “article”. Use a common style rating system which is user friendly – use stars rating system 🙂

In my first post of that series i told you that only the 10% of the platform visitors give feedback to information. If you build up your community in that way (by following this serie) this percentage could be higher.

Of course a “Like button” also can be placed near to the articles as well… 🙂

Why these social objects are important? – Well, in the future when you start to build up your own search-center (next post) it’s very important for your employees to get the more relevant data back to their search. This relevancy should be managed by the ratings, best bets and likes.

Keep on following me. The end is so far away from here… 🙂

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