How to patch HP Server Automation 9.0 Multi-master mesh

There are lots of rules existing for patching the Server Automation (SA) servers, and the most complicated is the Multi-master mesh solution upgrade. Let me explain the upgrade order via an example.

My HP SA test system contains two cores with satellites.

The following table contains the servers and its functions.

Rules of the upgrade:

  • during the installation all service must up and running
  • run Model Repository upgrade on the first core than the second core
  • patch the first core slices, than the second core slices, than the satellites

Roll back rules:

  • the same upgrade scripts (, used for patching and roll backing the upgrade
  • roll back upgrades on the second core slices first, than the first core slices

The Oracle schema changes on the Model Repository need only when you upgrade from 9.0 to 9.01, so the upgrade order for 9.04 is the following.

So in that case my update order is the following.

  1. OPSW01
  2. OPSW06
  3. OPSW02
  4. OPSW03
  5. OPSW04
  6. OPSW07
  7. OPSW08
  8. OPSW09
  10. OPSWSAT2
  11. OPSW02

That’s all Folks!


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