Sharepoint for Knowledge Management? – Practise people III

It’s time to continue the series on Knowledge management on Sharepoint… At my previous post on this topic i provide you my second tip on practising your people.

Let’s have the third one!

3rd tip: Create a common wiki-style site

Most of the conversations among employees are about

  • how to find some common information
  • how to find a process document
  • usually how something could be done at this comapny…

Conspicouosly these questions come in front of us when a new colleague join the copany. Just count a bit the time employees are spending with providing these information to the newbie.

And usually what this new colleague does at the first week at you rcompany? – waiting for his/her equipments and in best case (s)he just creates new connections to the empolyees.

So that’s univocal to collect these entry information to a central place which could be a printed document or a web-site.

I think the web-site is more practical in the next case: this new colleague is asked to update these information using her/his experiences. In that way we can have the always up-to-date entry document.

Of course we have to provide a guest user account and a thin-client for the new employee to let her/him to the information.

In this way we train our new employee to use such an information store. Handling information in such a way will be their own ability. In the future storing public information on this site will be univocal for them.

It’s still a funny game how to manipulate the people, isn’t it.

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