Sharepoint for Knowledge Management? – Practise people II

In my previous post i gave you a Tip on How to make your people familiar in entering some information to a common basket using your Knowledge Management Platform.

And here you are my

2nd tip: Make people visit your site/platform every day

Just think a bit. Why do you visit your favourite portal more then once a day? – one reason could be that you can find up-to-date information there (eg. news portals).

The main point is having intresting news frequently published at your platform/portal. At the first time do not want to controll the theme of the articles, publications that authors write. Let them write intresting ones even an article is about Biology or Science or Sport or etc.

The best would be to have a tabloid like part of your portal. At the first time just few people will talk about these articles. These people are the telltalers as i mentioned in the first article in the Knowledge Base serie.

So people will be informed via these popular human beings.

Very important in this task to provide at least one intresting tabloid article per day. That’s why employee always come back to you. In that case the more is better then the less 😀

In the first period people will come back to your portal by clicking on the favourites button in their browser. But let them know how to create alerts for this tabloid. Alert means for me, that poeple should have such a possibility which send them an immediate email as a new article is published to this tabloid. Usually all employee has an open mail-client at his/her desktop and waiting for mails. Let feed this email-clients with intresting data 😛

Of course RSS could be used as well 🙂

So this tip can help you in practise people to use alerts and rss on your platform. By using this method you can have more authors in the near future. Keep in mind that people usually like to tell about their intrests you need just to provide them some possibility for them to tell these to you or to the others. Of course you will have such people who are too shy to publicate their thoughts, in that case you can use translator/transferer authors.

Share the fun with the others, go on playing 😀


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