Sharepoint for Knowledge Management? – Practise people I

In the previous post you could read about some basic issues regarding to build up a new KnowledgeBase on a given platform.

The consequence was to practice/train your people, the employees of the given company for the given platform first. In this post series i would like to give you some tips and hints what could you provide to your “users” to be intrested in your portal/platform solution.

1st tip: Make people familiar to insert information into a common basket using your platform

Needless to say that in this period i still don’t use any productname. It’s fully unnecessary to provide such an information to the people. Maybe they are already  influenced by some other platform 🙂 and heard nothing good about Sharepoint. Just help people to love this platform. So this tip is still platform independent 🙂

My 1st tip for you is to create a placeholder where the employees can insert their experiences/observations on a given thing such like feeling about the visited accomodations. (In case of your company sends employees to on-site work.)

After all the necessary have all the fields are thought to be informative/intersting for the other poeople also.

The basic fields should be in that case: Country, City, Name of the Hotel, Impression, Restaurants, Overall Rating.

Plus fields could be: Free wifi, Car park, Beer price…

Please use group and sort options.

Shharepoint for Knowledge Management

Be sure that at least the quarter of your team-members will love that solution 🙂 And more they will insert data by themselves.

In that way they will learn how to insert data to your basket. They will be familiar with the forms, skins and so on…

Is it still an intersting game? Keep on following 🙂 not so much to sleep for the next tip…


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