vCenter Orchestrator Configuration website password reset

The Orchestrator Configuration website’s password is something similar to the one you use for Active Directory Restore Mode. You don’t use it everyday but when you need it, you need it badly.

Bad username or password

In case you forgot the password for the Configuration website, do the following:

  1. Log in to the server which hosts the vCenter Orchestrator, and go to the following path:

    Edit the file
  2. Edit the file, and replace the line started with vmware with this one:
    Then save the file.

    Initiate a "password reset"
  3. Go to the Server Manager\Configuration\Services and Restart the VMWare vCenter Orchestrator Configuraton service.

    Restart the Orchestrator Configurator service
  4. Go back to the Orchestrator Configuration website (http://<Orchestrator ip>:8282), and log in using the factory default credentials (vmware/vmware).


2 thoughts on “vCenter Orchestrator Configuration website password reset”

  1. Cool. i like security.. as it is said if a computer is physically out of your controll it’s not yours any more. Yeah, but it’s too easy to have fun after taking home the machine 🙂

  2. This helped me on a production server, Thank you. Orchestrator Server would never start; Could not login the config; reset passwd; set license correctly, started services properly.

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