Colorful SharePoint table

So many time it’s useful to color a cell in a table on SharePoint pages. Out of the box we don’t have a solution to impress our visitors. Although we have the table with numbers inside but coloring the cells regarding to their value it’s more informative.

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Rsyslog central logging with LogAnalyzer

Rsyslog central logging with LogAnalyzer

After reaching a number of managed servers a central log-collecting and -analyzing solution is inevitable.

As most Linux systems come with rsyslog by default, it’s an easy way to use it to redirect some or all our logs to a central log server.

We’ll need only a few modifications on the client side, and the setup of an rsyslogd server on a new vps or on one of our current servers.

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Trend Micro client uninstallation issue

Trend Micro has much security software; one of them is a corporate Antivirus Software, named OfficeScan. The corporate means that the antivirus clients are managed centrally – the installation, and the updates are handled remotely.

I recently faced a problem, when I tried to change the OfficeScan client locally on the machine. I was asked a password to uninstall the program, but I did not have any password.


There are several reasons why we need to modify the centrally managed software locally. In my case I had an OVF template with preinstalled Trend Micro client, but the site has no management server. The only one solution was the local removal, so you could find the solution below.

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Automatically and quickly replacing text in few files


In some cases it is necessary to replace text in some text files. Unfortunately this is a really inconvenient work because we need always copy the proper text to the clipboard then we need to switch the window then highlighting the old text part and then pasting the text from the clipboard. If we have only one text file where the text is need to be replaced then it is fine but if we have more text files then one that is a really annoying something.


Fortunately VBS language is able to help us. I know the VBS is a bit old school but sometimes we do not have opportunity having PowerShell. Of course it is possible installing PowerShell to Windows Server 2003 but like I said sometimes it is simple not allowed to do it. So VBS is the forever alternative.

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From the diary of an automation sysengineer role

8:32 – Hurry for warm-up call

I started the day cleaning snow and ice off from the windows of my Mondeo. The
only problem was that I only have had 28 minutes before our MySQL warm-up
conference call. A conference call where some of my colleagues and me should
have had to share desktops presenting generic overview about our MySQL
environment to Nils, to our new MySQL specialist advisor. So handfree
bluetooth phone connection from the car wouldn’t have been enough. I decided
to optimize my available resources and started the engine and turned the
defroster of the car on. While getting out from the car I switched on the GPS
receiver on my smartphone. Waze app can be very useful during the Budapest
rush hours in the morning. I managed removing ice with a simple plasctic
scraper form the four side windows. The front and rear windows were melting by
the defroster threads, only a small assistance was required before windshield
wipers started to wipe. I jumped in, switched the seat heating – holy winter
package – and called my colleague, Gabor who developed the Puppet modules of
the MySQL cluster and will participate in the call. Just ringing, no answer.
Ok, Waze estimated 8:57 as arrival time. Gabor called me back in 5 minutes so
he would have facilitated the first few minutes. He called me again that Nils
is in traffic jam, we can start with 30 minutes delay. Unbelievable. I arrived
into the underground parking lot on time 8:54. 3 minutes on the upstairs and
my laptop was docked and started at 9:01.

Used tools:
The social navigation app Waze on Android smartphone with GPS
Bluetooth car kit
Ice scarper

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How-To create your iptables firewall


When I first used iptables my aim was as simple as setting up a reliable firewall to protect my home network from unwanted traffic, and share my Internet connection to all the computers on the LAN. This article gives an easy example for such purposes.

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